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Soil born pathogens - fungal diseases, nematodes and weeds- are a serious challenge particularly where the agronomic conditions don’t permit crop rotation. This is often the case of vegetables
- tomatoes, pepper, cucurbits eggplant etc.- in grown greenhouses, strawberry and replant of top fruits
- pome and stone fruits, vine - in grown specialized areas.
Soil fumigation reduces the pest population before transplanting the crop. This product has been largely used for the last four decades.
Methyl bromide has been identified as ozone deplete substance (Montreal Protocol) and its use has been progressively reduced and will be completely banned in the coming years. An intensive effort has been made by public and private institutions to develop alternative practices to replace methyl bromide.

In this context we have developed alternatives technologies to methyl bromide to satisfy the farmer needs in the European and Mediterranean agronomic environment.